Covenant Award Information

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Augustana College's five shared core values: Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community and Service guide all members of the college community. The Augustana College Covenant Award was created by students to more clearly define these shared values to ensure that past recipients, students, and nominated students have an understanding of the rights and responsibilities that accompany membership in the Augustana College community.

Nominations for the 2015 Covenant Awards are due by Friday, Mar. 20.

The 2015 Covenant Awards will be presented during Verdier 2015.


I recognize that dialogue centered on the Christian faith is essential to an Augustana education. We encourage the search for religious faith by learning through open dialogue within our own faith and with those of other faiths. We understand the importance of relating Christian virtue and ethics to every facet of life.

Liberal Arts

I recognize the critical importance of an education of enduring worth. We are responsible for our own growth as individuals. We value the development of broad knowledge and skills crucial in a changing world. We affirm a passion for learning as a lifelong process that leads to a rich understanding of people and their interactions.


I recognize that I have a responsibility to commit myself to high standards and integrity. We acknowledge the necessity of nurturing potential and recognizing achievement as key to the continuous pursuit of excellence in a challenging intellectual environment. We seek to act ethically as we honor our values and commitments in our private as well as our public behavior.


I recognize that I am part of a community that benefits when every individual respects one another and works for the common good. We aim to cultivate a diverse community of individuals respectful of and empowered by one another. We commit ourselves to the preservation of an environment that fosters learning and growth. We realize that our actions can affect every member of the community.


I recognize that every learner benefits from a devotion to service at Augustana and in the larger community. We aspire to give of ourselves by accepting the call to servanthood. We reach outward in agreeing to serve God and society by integrating academic study, career, and service.

History of the Covenant Award

During the 2000-01 academic year, members of the Augustana College Student Association convened to give further definition to the College's Shared Core Values. Their goal was to define more clearly what it means to be a responsible member of this college community.

This open and inclusive process produced the Augustana College Covenant, a living document designed to inspire and guide Augustana College students.

The Augustana College Student Association's hope is that every student will become familiar with this Covenant as a context to understand more completely the rights and responsibilities that accompany membership in our college community.

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