Christian Faith

Covenant Award for Christian Faith

The faculty and staff on the selection committee seek your nomination for a student whose life reflects the Christian faith value for which this recognition is named. Eligibility for this distinction is open to all full-time students in their junior or senior year of study who have not received a Covenant Award previously. While a student's grade point average is not a primary criterion for selection, we seek to affirm students who integrate learning and believing. Students nominated for this Christian Faith distinction recognize that dialogue centered on the Christian faith is essential to an Augustana College education.

In making your nomination, please respond to the following questions providing examples or anecdotes in a supportive letter attached to this form. Your letter should provide substantial background about the nominee.

All nominations are due on Friday, Mar. 20, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact  Jeff Venekamp at or 274.5125. This award will be presented during the campus-wide celebration of Verdier 2015.

  • Christian faith is not static, but seeks to grow. How has the nominee grown and sought to grow in her/his faith while at Augustana? 
  • St. Anselm wrote of "Faith seeking understanding." Augustana is a community that values conversations about Christian faith that are serious and respectful, and seek understanding. How has the nominee fostered such dialogue at Augustana? 
  • St. Paul wrote that Christian faith is not merely a matter of talk. In what other ways has the nominee helped others grow in their faith or understanding of their faith while at Augustana, and how has the nominee integrated her/his life and faith?
  • How has the nominee's Christian faith shaped her/his plans for the future?