Covenant Award for Excellence

The faculty and staff on the selection committee seek your nomination for a student whose life reflects the value for which they are being nominated. Eligibility for this distinction is open to all full-time students in their junior or senior year of study who have not received a Covenant Award previously. Students nominated for the Covenant Award for Excellence recognize that, “I have a responsibility to commit myself to high standards and integrity.”

In making your nomination, please respond to the following questions providing examples or anecdotes in a supportive letter attached to this form. Your letter should provide substantial background about the nominee.

All nominations are due on Friday, Mar. 20, 2015. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Venekamp at venekamp@augie.edu or 274.5215. This award will be presented during the campus-wide celebration of Verdier 2015.

  • Please give evidence of the nominee’s recognition that, “I have a responsibility to commit myself to high standards.”
  • Virtue and high ethical standards often show themselves best when the decision to act ethically is costly. Can you give an example of a time when you saw the nominee demonstrate costly personal integrity?
  • Human excellence is often the result of rigorous self-discipline. Please give an example of how you have seen the nominee’s commitment to self-discipline or self-improvement.
  • Excellence at its best brings out excellence in others. How has the nominee promoted excellence in others?
  • How has the nominee’s commitment to excellence shaped her/his plans for the future?