Code of Student Conduct

Students of Augustana College have an important responsibility to reflect standards of conduct that are in harmony with the Christian principles upon which the College is founded. Members of the student body are an especially privileged group who are expected to lead in the setting of high standards.

Augustana College has procedures and regulations to provide for a community free from violence, threat, and intimidation, protective of free inquiry, respectful of the rights of others; open to change, supportive of democratic and lawful procedures; and dedicated to the rational and orderly approach to the resolution of human problems. To safeguard the rights and welfare of students, faculty, staff and guests, and to assure protection of the interests of the College as it seeks to carry out its mission, this Code of Student Conduct is grounded upon the following principles:

  • The Code of Student Conduct expresses concern with matters that impinge upon academic achievement and integrity.
  • The College will not condone conduct that breaks the peace, causes disorder, or substantially interferes with the rights of others whether such activity occurs on- or off-campus.
  • The College is concerned with behavior that threatens the physical, emotional, and spiritual health and safety of members of the college community.
  • The College is obligated to support and be guided by the laws of the land.

No code of conduct can anticipate every circumstance regarding college policies. The College reserves the right to amend, supplement, interpret, rescind, or deviate from policies from time to time as it deems appropriate based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding each situation, in its sole and absolute discretion.