Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the ASA budget

ASA has a budget of over $200,000 to operate and distribute. The group of individuals on this committee play a significant role in deciding how this budget is distributed to student organizations and events.

The Finance Committee facilitates individual CDF/LDF requests from student organizations to determine the goals of each event and an expense breakdown necessary for the event to be successful. Their recommendation is then presented to the ASA Senate who votes on the final amount.Members of the Finance Committee will also be the main students responsible for proposing amendments to the ASA Constitution, By-Laws, and Election Code. 

Finance Committee members regularly meet with Business Office personnel to maintain updated numbers and hear concerns from the Augustana Administration on student spending. They also perform budget reviews on major organizations, like UBG, Viking Days, and Recreational Services. 

This year, the Finance Committee will specifically work on creating a breakdown of the new student activity fee.