Service Opportunity Fund (SOF) Report

Service Opportunity Report

The Service Opportunity Fund is available for student groups to receive monetary benefit from volunteering at organizations, which are approved by the ASA A&P Committee, for time which exceeds the ten (10) hour volunteer requirement. Student groups are able to access monies from the Service Opportunity Fund and receive benefit for up to one thousand five hundred ($1,500.00) per year. Compensation is at the rate of eight dollars per hour ($8/hr) per student until the maximum of $1,500.00 is reached.

Please be detailed and accurate in filling out this form. A contact person must be listed for the place of volunteering for verification of the service hours. The ASA Treasurer will contact you upon review of the request.

This form must be submitted no later than one week before the date of service.

Please enter the person of contact for the place of service.
Please enter the contact person's phone number.
Indicate the total number of service hours performed by all members participating. For example, if a group of five (5) students completes two (2) hours of volunteer work, they earn a total of ten (10) hours of service credit. This amount will then be used to calculate how much money was earned during the volunteering period. In the example above, 10 hours of service will earn the group a total of eighty (80) dollars.
(Please be as specific as possible)