Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) on UBG "Opt-In" Program

Following are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the UBG "Opt-In" Program:

  1. What is opting in? Opting in is purchasing your Big Event ticket at a discounted price before the Big Event Committee officially announces who the performing artist is.
  2. How much are Opt-In tickets? Opt-In tickets are again $20, as they were last year.
  3. How long will the “Opt-In” run? Students have through Thursday, September. 4, to purchase “Opt-In” tickets — as long as the tickets have not sold out.
  4. Who’s the musical artist? We don’t know yet. Through your “Opt-In” purchase, you’ll be among the first students to be informed.
  5. Where will the concert be held? That depends on the act. While our goal is to stay on campus, some events (e.g., Maroon 5) would need to be at the Sioux Falls Arena.
  6. When will the concert be held? The date for Big Event is announced when the artist is revealed. The date varies every year.
  7. Why would I want to get an “Opt-In” ticket with this much still unknown? A couple reasons:
  • You’re guaranteed a reduced price ticket with an “Opt-In” price of only $20 for the 2014-15 year. Tickets for the sold-out hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were $25. Tickets for the sold-out concert for "American Idol" winner and top-10 Billboard Hot 100 artist Phillip Phillips were $26.
  • And, also important, the initial revenue from “Opt-In” sales creates a larger budget that the committee can offer up-front to a performer, which greatly broadens our options and results in a better show for students.
  1. UBG logoWhat if I purchase a ticket, but am unable to attend the show on the date that is announced? Ultimately, the ticket is yours. You have the option of re-selling it to whomever you wish.
  2. Who are previous artists Big Event has brought in? Past Big Event artists include: Ben Folds, O.A.R., Widespread Panic, Third Day, Raining Jane, Goo Goo Dolls, Sara Bareilles and, most recently, Phillip Phillips, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Plain White T's, and Parachute.
  3. Where do I get my “Opt-In” ticket? Once the show is announced, delivery information will be emailed to you.

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