Leadership Opportunities

Minority Peer Mentors
Students who are interested in making a difference in someone's life are invited to apply to become a minority peer mentor for new incoming students.  Our minority peer mentors are creditable resources that helps with the  transitional period for first -year students here at Augustana.

Classmates will help new students eliminate the sense of isolation and fear, and allow their mentee to step out of their comfort zone to adapt academically, socially, and culturally.  View the Minority Peer Mentor Application.










Multicultural Volunteers

There are many opportunities to become involved with the Multicultural Programs Office. Students are invited to become multicultural volunteers. These volunteers can choose from a variety of programs and cultural events to help organize and/or implement throughout the academic year. To volunteer, view the Diversity and Inclusion Office Volunteers Application










Diversity Experience House

10 students will live in harmony, with a focus on embracing diversity and inclusion in accordance with the shared core values of the college. The intent is to engage students in projects that promote understanding of individual diversity, group diversity and integrating continuity with learning and service. The specifics of the theme will be based on decisions made by the residents of the highly anticipated house. View the Diversity Experience House Application.

(Valhalla House) Diversity Experience House