Viking Voyage

As a community, Augustana students and staff embark on a voyage of growth and development. Socially, academically, publicly, and privately, we are called to expand our horizons, set sail on a future and Voyage forward.

Viking Voyage includes:

  • New Student Registration
  • Welcome Week
  • 30-Day Challenge
  • New Student Seminar — First-Year Experience
  • Boost and more...

Augustana is growing and expanding the way freshmen and transfer students engage the community. The Viking Voyage is a key component in our Orientation, Transition, and Persistence program. The Viking Voyage sets the tone for building expectations (both academically and socially,) and is key to developing the future graduates of Augustana.

A key element to our history is that Augustana is a "student-driven" community. Students mentor each other, they practice leadership skills so that upon graduation, they are ready to be active in their organization and community. Viking Guides (VGs) are responsible for leading a small group of first-year students, a New Student Seminar (NSS) group, during Welcome Week and fall orientation activities. Once classes begin, VGs continue to work with their NSS group by participating in the students’ class. Throughout the course of the academic year, VGs will serve an integral role in the success of Campus Life programming with specialized training in the areas of orientation, transition, and persistence.

Learn more and read a Viking Guide Job Description.

We hope you are as excited as we are. For more information, please contact Jeff Venekamp at 605.274.4412 or