Dean of Students Office Single Room (DOSO Single)

The college recognizes that special needs may necessitate a single room for students whose challenges may affect their ability to live in community. For this reason, a small number of Residence Hall rooms are set aside as singles at the beginning of each academic year to respond to permanent or temporary needs. We call these DOSO (Dean of Students Office) Singles.


Eligibility for a DOSO Single requires the support of a qualified professional to include a counselor, pastor, or physician. This support is given in the completion of a DOSO Single Request Form. Students simply need to give the form to their qualified professional and have them complete and mail (or fax) the form back to the Dean of Students Office.


Print out a DOSO Single Request Form and give it to your qualified professional. Again, this can be a counselor, pastor, or physician. After they have completed the form, ask that it be mailed, faxed, or returned to the following address or number:

Dean of Students Office
Augustana College
2001 S Summit Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
Fax: (605) 274-4901

Once received, the Dean of Students Office will review the form, ask for any necessary clarification, and respond to the request. Most responses are given within a week of receipt of the request.

If your approval means that you will want to change your current location or if it will change your current roommate assignment, you will need to work with your Hall Staff or the Housing Office to facilitate that change. If you will be staying in your current location and do not currently have a roommate, the Housing Office will make the adjustments automatically and you do not need to contact us.

DOSO Single approval is kept on file and is granted each year you are at Augustana without the need to reapply.


Augustana Housing | EMC 119 | Campus Mailbox 724 | | 605.274.5215