O.L.E. Programming

The acronym “O.L.E.” stands for “Opportunities for Learning and Engagement." Our goal in Residence Life is to (a) engage as many of our students in the campus community as possible and (b) help them take ownership for their experience, growth and development.

To that end, we have identified a multi-faceted approach to programming within our residential communities, consisting of three methods by which we hope to engage students: relationship building, individual programming, and Residence Hall Association (RHA) programming.

Relationship Building

Relationship building takes our already community-minded focus and mixes it with some Student Development Theory, basic Strengths principles, concepts of well-being and allows Viking Advisors to make their interactions more intentional and, therefore, more meaningful to the student. We accomplish this through not only “accidental” interactions or impromptu conversations, but also through the development and enhancement of our knowledge of our residents’ experiences, their transitions, and their growth.

Individual Programming

Our individual programming efforts center on the core concepts of well-being.  This allows us to engage students in a much more natural way, focusing on concepts that are easily accessible and can serve as catalysts for deeper interaction. We focus on collaboration, support, and supplemental learning that enhances opportunities both in and outside of our communities to create a more unified experience for our students.  This includes efforts in bystander intervention, alcohol education and intervention, issues of inclusion, and a better understanding of healthy relationships and our roles within them.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Programming

In conjunction with ASA and largely led by our student leadership on campus, RHAs serve each of our residential areas – the six residence halls and our Theme House and Apartment communities. RHAs are student-led organizations whose goal is to represent the needs of each residential community, serving as a voice within Residence Life and the Augustana Student Association, and as a programming force for activities and events that enhance the student living and learning experience.

When used together, we create opportunities for residents to more fully engage in their living experience and we create more intentional and guided opportunities for learning, reflection, and growth.