Duluth Place Apartments

Duluth Place ApartmentsDuluth Place apartments is a two-building complex located two blocks east of campus on the 2400 block of Duluth Avenue. This facility is designated for third and fourth-year students.

The Duluth Place offers studio and two bedroom units for 38 students. Amenities include on-site laundry facilities, private parking (one space for each unit), air-conditioning, and wireless internet. Local phone and cable television services are available through local providers at students’ expense.

Living in the Duluth Place apartments has many benefits. The apartments are located off-campus affording students the independence of apartment-style living in the Sioux Falls community. However, Duluth Place offers the convenience of campus life as the complex is within close proximity to campus (only a five minute walk to most classroom buildings). Rent is paid once a semester rather than monthly like most apartments and rentals, and wireless internet is included in the cost. Bedrooms are furnished with bed(s), dresser(s), and study desk(s) and chair(s). Living room and dining areas are also furnished.

Students eligible to live in Duluth Place must be enrolled full-time in their third or fourth year of college study. Apartment placements are determined during room selection in the spring semester of each academic year.