Theme Houses

Living in a theme house is a unique on-campus housing option for small groups of upperclass students. Theme house communities which encourage students to adopt an independent lifestyle while remaining active members of the campus life. There are 16 theme houses located at various locations around the campus perimeter.

A competitive application process identifies theme house residents based upon selection criteria that emphasizes a commitment to engage in service learning and volunteer projects throughout the academic year. Each year, interested students apply in groups of 3 – 10 students, creating a proposal that speaks to what their group would like to accomplish by living together in community for the year. The proposal includes their theme and describes how the group would like to “live out” the chosen theme. These proposals include a plan for service projects for the academic year, focus on how the theme will enhance individual curricular and co-curricular experiences at Augustana, and address what the group would like to gain from living together.

Please visit Theme House Responsibilities and Expectations for more information about living in a theme house community.

For more detailed information about the theme house application process, please visit Room Selection.

Theme House Liaisons

Theme house liaisons are selected by each theme house and serve as a connection between the house and Campus Life, Facilities, and the Dean of Students Office. The liaison attends monthly meetings, which serve to provide a collaborative environment for service project development and implementation, as well as to provide important information regarding facilities management and housing policy. The liaison serves as the primary individual responsible for communicating maintenance and housekeeping needs to the Facilities and Campus Life Offices and for transitioning housemates in and out of the house at the start or end of each year.

Current Theme House Liaison Forms

The following forms are available for use by current theme house liaisons only:

Theme House Advisors

Theme House Advisors serve as a significant contact for each theme house throughout the development and implementation of the application and subsequent service projects related to the theme. Advisors are meant to help guide a group of students through the process of formulating their goals for the theme, developing a successful application, and translating that process into action, in the form of community service projects and other programs. These advisors help to present a fresh perspective geared toward strengthening the thought and planning that goes into each theme.

Generally, advisors are expected to engage in the following ways:

  • Assist interested students in refining a theme and completing their application for a theme house;
  • Assist residents of the house in setting goals and objectives for the theme house;
  • As often as possible, promote and attend programs related to the theme;
  • Meet with theme house liaisons at least three times a semester;
  • Meet a couple of times each semester with all members of the house to assist with ongoing evaluation of progress toward identified theme goals;
  • Assist students in recruitment of additional residents if occupancy changes during the year.

For more information about becoming a theme house advisor, please contact the Campus Life Office at 605.274.5215.