Application for Theme House Programming Grants

Current Theme House Liaisons can use this form to request funds for upcoming theme-related events or activities. A grant of up to $100 per semester, or $200 for the year, is available for each Theme House's programming needs. In order to obtain these funds, this form must be submitted no later than one week prior to the scheduled event or activity.

Additional funds may be available for larger projects or programs as well - talk to your Theme House Designate for more information.


Please select your Theme House Designate. A copy of this e-mail will be sent to them as well.  Danny Sandberg is Designate for Heritage, Chrysalis, Nordland, and Campus Theme Houses. Melinda Latas is Designate for Hillsboro, Loki 1 & 2, Odin, Academy, and Lookout Houses. Lindsey Roberts is Designate for Norway, Wahl, Nobel, Menlo Annex, Terning, and Olsem Theme Houses. Whitney Brown is Designate for Global Education House, and Mark Blackburn is Designate for Diversity Experience House.

Please provide detailed information about the activity you intend to organize.  Please highlight the objectives for the activity.

Please provide a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the activity and how you plan to allot any funds awarded.  Please be aware that by submitting this form, you are agreeing to use the funds as intended above.  Any changes to the budget must be approved by the appropriate Theme House Designate.