League Guidelines

Intramural League Guidelines

1. Each team is required to have one team member present at the playing site at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time (If not, a forfeit will result).

2. Each team must have the minimum number of players present at the playing site at the scheduled game time (If not, a forfeit will result).

3. Each and every player must sign in on the score sheet in order to get credit for playing in a game. Be sure your team members do this even if your team has received a win by forfeit.

4. Any team forfeiting one game will lose the original $5/$10 forfeit fee they submitted at the start of the tournament/league play.

5. Any team forfeiting 2 games will be excluded from further league play. In order to continue league play, the team must pay another forfeit fee.

6. Roster additions may be made at anytime, as long as the player being added is not a member of another team.

7. Any team with a sportsmanship rating below 5.0 after 3 league games will be required to meet with the IM Director.

8. Any team with a sportsmanship rating below 3.5 will not be eligible for the league tournament.

9. Rescheduled games must be cleared and finalized with IM Director (274-5002)  at least 48 hours before the scheduled game during the week, and by Thursday of any game falling on Sunday or Monday.

10. The league tournament dates will be announced at the captain’s meeting. Please inform your team members so they save the dates!

11. Players must have played in at least 1/3 of the games to be eligible for league tournament. To check and see who is eligible/not eligible for the tournament, call the IM Director at: 274-5002 Monday-Friday between 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Game played information is also available on the imleagues webpage

13. A minimum of four teams must start and complete a round robin league/tournament schedule in order for the winning team to be eligible for the championship T-shirts.

14. Any team/person that does not show up for the scheduled captain's meeting will be charged a $5 fee.