Augustana Gladiator

The Teams


Abbie Blank-Libra and Griffin Sturdevant


Brad Ostendorf and Hayden Yeradi


Kayla Mescher and Tim Weber


Seth Wolles and Katie Romano


Dustin Pederson and Maddie Moore


Michael Blankespoor and Emily Grandprey


Jensen Goodell and Jacob Kunkel


Monica Llaguno and Simon Schwarzfischer


Travis Miller and Kendra Gerber


Allison Warne and Roberto Luces


Abe Oyesile and Calliann Brunswig


Melissa Barella and Yuuki Nakata


Ariana Groen and Eli Louwagie


Kelly Nelson and Lance Shaull


Brittany Cech and Justin Brown


Alex Piche and Jessica Johnson


Rob Carlisle and Lauren Starks


Austin Ashbacher and  Taylor Reinke


Chris Underhill and Megan Minatra


Jordan Meyer and Natalie LeVan



The Event