Coaches Information


March 18-19, 2017
Elmen Center – Augustana University
33rd & Grange Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57197
Dear Coaches:
We’re excited to have your team participate and look forward to everyone having a very positive experience.
Here are a few last minute details to bring to your attention:
1.       Your game schedule was posted on the internet. Please be early for the games as the schedule is tight for warm-up times. Check the schedule carefully; the first game listed may NOT be your first game.
2.       Non-marking, soft soled shoes must be worn by players.
3.       Each team must provide their own warm-up balls.
4.       Individual awards will be given to the 1st place team, 2nd place team in each division. (maximum of 10 per team)
5.       All of the officials, time-keepers, score-keepers and concession helpers are interested in friendly competition and clean sportsmanship. If a mistake is made, please be tolerant. The tournament is for the kids! No protests will be allowed. All decisions of the tournament director will be final.
6.       A player may play up a grade but no player may play down.
7.       Please fill out the MEDICAL WAIVER form posted on the internet and return it to Augustana University Rec Services prior to March 10th, 2017.
8.       Tourney passes for 2 coaches and 1 scorekeeper will be handed out at the Tournament headquarters when you check in for your 1st game.
9.       Concessions will be available throughout the tournament.
10.    A Portion of the food/income from admission charges will go to charitable organizations.
1.       For grades 4-9th:
a.       The game will be two 20 minute halves. Overtime periods shall be 2 minutes.
b.       Clock will only stop for timeouts during the 1st 18 minutes of each half.
c.        Clock will be stopped as normal during the last two minutes of each half or overtimes.
d.       If one team is ahead by 15 points or more in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, the clock will be allowed to continue running on whistles. It will stop only on timeouts.
2.       For all divisions: Teams are given 2 timeouts per half. Timeouts do not carry over from one half to the next.
3.       6th-8th Grade: There will be no pressing when a team has accumulated a 10 point lead during the game at anytime.
4.    4th/5th grades cannot press until last 2 minutes of 2nd half, and only if the lead is under 10 points
5.       All divisions shall use a women’s ball except the boy’s 9th division, they shall use a men’s ball. Game balls will be provided
6.       Players may substitute in during any dead ball situation. Please be sure your players report to the scorer’s table and ask the scorekeeper to buzz them in.
7.       Technical fouls will result in 2 points and the ball. Intentional fouls will result in 2 points and the ball. Also, flagrant technical will result in automatic ejection plus one game suspension.
8.       THE TEAM LISTED FIRST IS REQUIRED TO HAVE ONE PARENT OR COACH SIT AT OUR SCORERS TABLE TO KEEP TRACK OF THE OFFICIAL SCOREBOOK. The tournament scorekeeper will run the score clock while your team takes care of the book. In past years our score clock operators have had difficulty keeping the book as they are not familiar with your players. So, your keeping of the book will help us run a better tournament. Thank you for your assistance in the scorekeeping area.
Thanks again for your support of our tournament. We hope you enjoy yourselves! 
If you have any questions please call Mark Hecht at (605) 274-4310 or email at