Preference Form

The information provided on this sheet is meant to help the Residence Life Office better determine roommate pairings.  However, please note that your Preference Form does not guarantee that you will be placed with someone who meets your exact preferences. 

It is important to remember that part of living in a community involves close interaction with individuals who may not, at first glance, seem a good match to your own personality.  So, we encourage you, as you fill out your preferences, to keep an open mind and heart and look forward to what we believe will prove to be a unique and rewarding living experience.


Bergsaker Hall
Solberg Hall

Please rank in order 1-2, with 1 being most desirable and 2 being least desirable.

East Hall Single Room
East Hall Double Room
Granskou Hall Single Room
Granskou Hall Double Room
Stavig Hall Single Room
Stavig Hall Double Room
Tuve Hall Single Room

Please rank in order 1-7, with 1 being most desirable and 7 being least desirable.

Summit Apartments (4 Bedroom Apts, 4 Residents)
Duluth Apartments (2 Bedroom Apts, 2 Residents)
Schoeneman Apartments (3 Bedroom Apts, 3 Residents)

Please rank in order 1-3, with 1 being most desirable and 3 being least desirable (Costello not included).

If you would like to live with someone specific, please list the student’s name below.  Please note that both you and your

requested roommate must request each other and have Housing Contracts submitted before requests can be honored.

Are you interested in a Study Abroad experience while at Augustana?
Have you had an international travel or study experience?
Have you been involved in any volunteer service projects in the past year?
Are you interested in joining campus organizations?(Student Government, Programming Board, New Student Orientation, etc.)
Are you interested in being involved in the music program?
Are you interested in being involved in drama or theatre productions?
Will you be participating in intercollegiate athletics at Augustana?
Are you interested in playing Intramural Sports?

Please answer the following questions regarding your personal interests, which may help when pairing you with a roommate.

Places a high emphasis on spiritual growth and activities.
Has a witty and humorous personality.
Is quiet, reserved and thoughtful.
Is studious.
Does not consume alcoholic beverages.
Does not smoke tobacco products.
Does not chew tobacco products.
Is neat and well organized.
Does not keep late hours (after 11:00 pm on weekdays).
Does not play loud music.
Does not have frequent guests in the room.
Prefers a cool room.
Prefers a warm room.
Does not borrow my personal possessions.
Is interested in being involved in campus organizations(Student Government, Programming Board, New Student Orientation, etc.).
Uses the room for study purposes.
Has an interest in Drama and Theatre.
Has an interest in music.
Is interested in sports.
Is participating in Intercollegiate Athletics at Augustana.

Please select the category for each statement that best represents what you would like to experience in a roommate.

Please rank from 1-4, with 1 being not important to me and 4 very important to me.