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Proxy Form

The proxy form deadline has passed. If you wish to live on campus for the upcoming year, please attend Room Selection Day on Sunday, March 24th in the 3-1 Room (located outside the Commons Dining Hall Exit) at your appointed time.


Proxy Procedures

Please use this form when designating another student to attend Room Selection Day in your place. This person will be allowed to choose your space for the upcoming Academic Year.

When choosing your proxy, please be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your Proxy can be any Augustana student you designate to take your place during contracting. However, they must be a current Augustana student.
  • Your Proxy will be allowed to use your Room Selection Number to choose your space only. They will not be allowed to select their own space at that time, unless the two of you are selecting the same space as roommates.

Note: If you are unable to identify a Proxy, please contact the Campus Life Office. You will be asked to fill out a Room Selection Preference form indicating your preferred living arrangements. A Campus Life Staff member will then choose a space for you at your time on Room Selection Day. If you need help identifying a Proxy, you must contact the Center for Campus Life Office Office by 5 pm on March 22, 2019 to guarantee our assistance in choosing a space.