Saturdays at CWS - Doll Clinic with Alice Gould

The Center for Western Studies is excited to present a workshop featuring Alice Gould of Forever Young Doll Hospital, which specializes in restoring antique and vintage dolls and toys, on Saturday, May 17, from 10-11 a.m.

Whether you’re an avid collector or just trying to preserve a treasure from your youth, Alice will be here to answer all your questions, such as: “What's it worth?”  “How old is it?”  “Who made it?”  “What's it made out of?”  “Can you fix it?”  “How should I take care of it?”  “Where can I get clothes, shoes, etc. to fit it?”  Or maybe you’re looking for a doll you had as a child and need a little help finding it.

Make sure to bring your dolls and teddy bears to the workshop for a little show and tell.

Hosted by the Center for Western Studies, the Saturdays at CWS workshop series is designed to bring additional educational opportunities to the Sioux Falls area.

To register, contact Kristi Thomas, education assistant for the Center for Western Studies, at 605.274.4007. The Center for Western Studies is located in the Fantle Building at 2121 S. Summit Ave. on the Augustana campus.


Kristi Thomas
Education Assistant
The Center for Western Studies