Children and Youth minor

Coordinator: O.Lima

This multidisciplinary minor prepares graduates to work with children and adolescents in a wide variety of settings.  The minor in Children and Youth is designed to support a major in many different fields of study, including (but not limited to) Business Administration, Communication Disorders, Education, Nursing, Psychology, Religion, Sociology and Special Education.  Students will learn about individual developmental processes and trajectories, as well as contexts that influence growth (e.g., families, schools, and societies).  Through the focused study of theory, research, and practical applications, students will develop their capacity to support children’s healthy development, through positive individual interactions as well as advocacy for effective social support.


PSYC 210 — Lifespan Human Development (3 cr)
PSYC 310 — Child Psychology (3 cr)
SOCI 210 — Sociology of Families (3 cr)

One of the following courses (3 cr):
SOCI 250 — Delinquency and Crime
SOCI 280 — Race, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
SOCI 320 — Native American Social Systems

Two of the following courses (6 cr):
SPED 120 — Introduction to Special Education
SPED 236 — Foundations of LD and CI
SPED 257 — Foundations of ASD and EBD
SPED 336 — Methods in LD and CI
SPED 357 — Methods in ASD and EBD

Other recommended (not required) courses:

PSYC 332 — Psychological Measurement and Diagnosis (4 cr)
SOCI 110 — Contemporary Society (3 cr)
SOCI 240 — Deviance and Social Control (3 cr)
SOCI 340 — Social Inequality (4 cr)