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CWS Board & National Advisory Council

Board of Directors


Mr. Tony Haga, Chair

Dr. Gary W. Earl, Vice Chair

Mr. Stan Christopherson, Recording Secretary

Dr. Mary Brendtro, Deputy Recording Secretary

Mr. Martin Oyos, J.D., Immediate Past Chair


Prof. Karla Abbott - Sioux Falls

Mr. Bruce Blake, J.D. - Sioux Falls

Dr. Mary Brendtro - Crooks

Mr. Stan Christopherson - Sioux Falls

Mr. Shon Cronk - Sioux Falls

Dr. Gary W. Earl - Sioux Falls

Mr. Tony Haga - Edgerton, MN

Ms. Deb Hagemeier - Sioux Falls

Dr. Susan Hasseler - Sioux Falls

Prof. Michael Haug - Castlewood

Mr. Roger Haugo, J.D. - Sioux Falls

Dr. Patrick Hicks - Sioux Falls

Ms. Audrey Kloster - Sioux Falls

Mrs. Gerry Berger Law - Clear Lake, SD

Mr. John McIntyre - Sioux Falls

Mr. Richard Muller - Vermillion

Dr. Michael Mullin - Humboldt

President Rob Oliver - Sioux Falls

Dr. Lynwood Oyos - Sioux Falls

Mr. Martin Oyos, J.D. - Sioux Falls

Dr. Harry F. Thompson - Sioux Falls

Mrs. Ronelle Thompson - Sioux Falls

Dr. Arlen Viste

Mr. Jamie Volin - Sioux Falls

Rev. Dr. Bruce Williams - Sioux Falls

National Advisory Council