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Birding in the Northern Plains

The Ornithological Writings of Herbert Krause

Birding in the Northern Plains

Edited by Ronald R. Nelson and Arthur R. Huseboe

Published by the Center for Western Studies

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The book chronicles the high adventures of one of America's most dedicated bird watchers and environmentalists. What Herbert Krause, author of Wind Without Rain and The Thresher, brings to telling the stories of the birds of the Northern Plains in his love of the rich variety of wildlife - especially its sheer profusion - and his novelist's ability to give every individual bird he visits its own character and personality, such as the cardinal, the Canada warbler, the McCown's longspur, and the bald eagle.

For Krause that variety has been a lifelong invitation to visit the birds in their natural states, to meet them where they are and to marvel at their freedom to range widely, to conduct their daily business with grace and efficiency, and to persist and thrive in spite of all the rigors of weather and climate and the daily risks of living next door to a plethora of natural enemies, including Man himself.