Departmental Test-Out Descriptions

Each test-out is briefly described as well as any guidelines and materials for you to use for review. Test preparation is strongly recommended. The cost of departmental exams is $75.00. If the test is a pass, there is not a fee for adding the course to the examinee’s Augustana transcript. Test outs can be repeated one time only and will be given six months after the previous exam date. Departmental test outs except for the ASL exams are administered through Student Academic Support Services and test out payments are made at the Business Office. Contact Susan Bies for more information.

English 110
First Year Composition (4 credit hours and satisfies Area 2.1A).
In the typical composition course at Augustana, 80% of the final grade is based on good expository writing. The remaining 20% is on grammar review. These are also the requirements for the English department test-out. The two-part test consists of a grammar review as well as an essay. For further information please read the English 110 Test-Out Guidelines. The English department is now accepting one CLEP exam to satisfy the ENGL 110 course. The CLEP exam is College Composition and the minimum score for credit is 54.

At this time, there are no departmental mathematics test outs available. However, Augustana does accept the following CLEP mathematics exams.

Philosophy 120
Critical Thinking (3 credit hours and satisfies Area 2.2).
With Good Reason by Engel is on reserve at the library for test preparation. This text contains examples of the questions that will be on the exam however the test is not based on this book. The ninety-minute test is made up of 50 multiple-choice questions. Test preparation is recommended.

Communications 110
Introduction to Communication (3 credit hours and satisfies Area 2.2).
It is strongly recommended that students read the entire text before taking the test. Communication 110 textbooks are on reserve in the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) section at the library front desk. A fifty-question, multiple-choice exam plus a conference with the chair of communication studies are the requirements for this test out. Examinees have 90 minutes to complete the fifty questions.

ASL Proficiency and Test Out
Check with the Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (EDHH) faculty (Monica Soukup or Carmen Steen) to arrange for test out opportunities. Payment for the credit is through Student Academic Support Services (SASS)
Augustana University reserves the right to make changes in the test-out offerings without notice.