Augustana College Business Office
Tony Plahn, Class of 2008

The Augustana College Business Office is the department that handles Augustana’s finance operations.  The office handles accounts receivable, including student accounts; accounts payable; payroll; the college’s cash; and other accounting functions. 

The internship centered around assisting the Vice President of Finance and Administration on special projects relating to the business of Augustana College.  An assortment of tasks employed various skills.  Information about prices charged for things such as parking and tuition were researched and analyzed.  Online course offerings of other colleges were researched.  Budget data was entered into a database and budgets were forecast.  Information regarding the job duties of the business office were determined, organized, and documented.  Auditors’ reports, financial reports, and budget information were scrutinized giving me a good understanding of the operations of the Business Office and the finances of the College. Also learned were communication skills in a professional environment, time management, and organizational skills.  The internship provided a good opportunity to work for the site supervisor taking his requirements and relying on one’s own capability to find a way to find a solution.  It also allowed much freedom and flexibility for one’s schedule.  The staff and supervisor were great to work with.  I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to gain experience in a professional environment and who is looking to gain experience in the finance operations of a non-profit company.  It would also be helpful for those looking to practice general job skills of research, writing, reporting, analyzing, and organizing.