Augustana College Management Information Systems Department
Julie Luebke, Class of 2002

I completed my business internship with the Management Information Systems Department at Augustana College during the spring of 2002. It was a great experience because it allowed me to tie both of my major areas of student (Management Information Systems and Business Administration) together into a positive learning experience. I was able to apply some of the knowledge gained in the classroom and textbooks and put it to use in the ‘real world.’ My tasks consisted of composing, administering, and tabulating a student survey for the MIS Department, completing backlogged equipment inventory, and redesigning the Computer Help Desk and Information Systems web pages. It was an invaluable experience for the future. After saying "I’m never going to use this" multiple times previously during my statistics class, I was proved extremely wrong during the Student Survey portion of my internship. This was a reassuring thought to know that you can apply what you learned in the classroom to the real world, in real world situations.