Augustana College Recreational Services
Angie Roth, Class of 2001

I had a wonderful experience as a Staff Development Specialist Intern for Recreational Services at Augustana College. I worked with the team leaders and building supervisors of the Recreational Services staff. There are about 60 staff members in all, of which about 15 are supervisors or team leaders. Each team leader is in charge of a "team" of 7-10 Rec Service employees whose main purpose is to establish team bonding and accountability, and each is in charge of a particular area of Rec Services (ie Promotions, Aerobics, or Aquatics). I ran weekly meetings with them in order to discuss work schedules, administrative items, how to work with their team members, leadership skills, attitude and motivation. I met with each of them one on one to discuss things such as goals, performance, leadership, motivation, attitude and meetings for their teams.

The building supervisors are in charge of the building and all of the people in it every night of the week and on weekends. They usually work with about 6 student staff members per night. I met with them weekly to discuss things such as goals, attitude and motivation, administrative items, scenarios, and how their student staff was doing. I met with them on an individual basis to discuss performance, attitude, how to motivate their staff, etc.

We started the year with a three-day retreat in which I was able to present on promotions, attitude, motivation, and values. I helped them plan and set goals for the year. I had a lot of fun making the weekly meeting agendas, getting to know the staff, revising building supervisor nightly report sheets, and overseeing teams. This internship took lots of creativity, time, energy, and enthusiasm. If you like to work with people, and want to find creative ways to motivate them, I would encourage you to look into this internship! The people are great, Mark Hecht was an excellent internship advisor, and you are given lots of room to grow. It was an excellent learning experience.