Avera McKennan
Elizabeth DeVries, Class of 2007

The Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center internship in clinic operations is an extremely interesting and valuable experience that I would highly recommend. I gained significant knowledge about the inner-workings of diverse medical clinics in one of the area's largest health care organizations. Entering the internship, I was unsure which route my future career path would follow. However, my experience at Avera McKennan helped me realize that my future is in health care administration.

My supervisors allowed me to participate in many different projects, exercises and meetings. One of the primary goals of Avera McKennan's Clinic Operations department is to work with rural and local families to ensure continued operation while controlling health care costs. I was actually able to contribute to this purpose through strategic-planning meetings, identifying cost-savings during clinic visits and helping to develop long-range plans for specialty care facilities. I also conducted in-depth research for several financial projects. These experiences allowed me to gain detailed insight into the various responsibilities, challenges, and tasks necessary to operate a large number of clinics.

Organized, financially responsible, with an emphasis on making positive impacts on the lives of patients, the clinic operations department is an excellent example of why Avera McKennan is a regional health care leader.