This window contains FOUR summaries of internships in the Marketing Department of Avera McKennan Hospital

Megan Sabin (Class of 2010) My internship at Avera McKennan provided me with opportunities to explore different areas of the Marketing and Creative Services Department. I shadowed and performed projects with many people, including graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, public relations professionals and management. Some of my tasks included research, website work, and participation in important meetings. This internship gave me a chance to view all of the different areas within the department and provide a big picture as to how they all work together. I enjoyed learning more about all of the jobs within the department and now have a better idea of what I would like to go into.

Catherine Settje (Class of 2010) I interned with Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center in the marketing department. To be the event planner/coordinator was a great experience. If event planning is something you want to pursue, I would recommend this internship. Avera McKennan is a great institution to learn from. It is one of the region’s largest health care providers and one that has many great opportunities you can pursue. Throughout my experience I got to assist Avera McKennan’s event planner and account representative with scheduling, organizing, and planning details for events that Avera McKennan either sponsors or participates in. Overall, my internship was a very rewarding experience.

Elizabeth Spaans (Class of 2010) I interned at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD, in the Marketing and Creative Services Departments.  In order to clarify my interests, I shadowed people in various positions, including traffic coordinators, account representatives, copywriters, media relations, graphic design and website management.  While working with the webmaster, I interviewed employees, researched data and wrote content for Sioux Falls newcomer and human resources web pages.  By studying Avera McKennan’s social media use, I was able to understand how multiple avenues can be coordinated to reach different publics.  Overall, this internship allowed me to explore numerous areas of marketing and provided real life experience for future career choices.

Julie Malmberg (Class of 2003) The Avera McKennan marketing internship offers opportunities to gain a knowledgeable background in healthcare marketing. Interns participate in a variety of meetings, conference calls and office interaction that stimulate marketing comprehension and enable the intern to engage in real-life healthcare situations and decision-making tactics. Because a majority of the individual projects assigned to the intern entail creating and composing articles and public relations pieces, a strong background in researching, writing, revising and editing is required. An interest in healthcare is also a must.
I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience the Avera McKennan marketing internship offered. Inclusion in a variety of marketing meetings, discussions and strategic planning sessions enabled me to gain a better understanding of the administrative duties of marketing. Interacting with Avera McKennan’s advertising agency, Henkin & Schultz, also acquainted me with the responsibilities of an in-house marketing department in relation to its advertising agency. I would strongly recommend this internship to students who enjoy writing and want to learn more about an in-house marketing department.