Avera McKennan Hospital
Paul Varcoe, Class of 2003

I have always loved healthcare and wanted to make a difference in it. Human resources have always been of interest to me and I have also been curious to know what purchasing for a hospital is like. I chose to go to Avera McKennan Hospital and received a wonderful opportunity to do my internship with them in their human resource and purchasing departments. I was assigned to work under Kim Enebo who is the Director of Compensation and Benefits. Throughout my time with them, I got to work on multiple projects from salary surveys to putting together a marketing piece for their in-house credit union. I also got the opportunity to go out to a regional hospital in Milbank, South Dakota where I observed how the human resources work out there. The other area of my internship was the purchasing department. I got the opportunity to experience every area within the department. After I worked in every area I was given the freedom to choose what area I wanted to get more experience in. Throughout my time with them I learned to do purchase orders, requisitions, converting requisitions to purchase orders, receiving and I got the opportunity to observe Jon Crow work on a large ongoing project with the new Doctor’s Plaza, where he has been given a budget to purchase equipment and furniture for it. I was also given the opportunity to go out of town to some of the regional hospitals owned by Avera McKenan Hospital to see how things work with them. I had a wonderful internship with Avera McKennan Hospital. Every person in both departments I worked in welcomed me the minute I walked in the door. I was respected as a professional within both departments and I was entrusted my supervisors and co-workers to do the projects assigned accurately and in a timely fashion. I was even invited by my co-workers to be on a tubing team to race against other teams for the Media One Fun Ski Benefit at Great Bear Ski Park. I would highly recommend this internship to anybody interested in either human resources or purchasing.