Backyard Oaks, Inc.
Lisa Hoogestraat, Class of 2003

My internship at Backyard Oaks, Inc. was a business and accounting internship. However, the primary objective of this internship was to become familiar with the accounting practices of a small business. The accounting activities performed involved the extensive use of Peachtree, an accounting system developed especially for small businesses. These activities included invoicing, adjusting customer accounts, entering new customers, adjusting inventory, entering new inventory, cutting checks, and helping with the bank reconciliation and other Peachtree adjustments. Additionally, I was provided with the opportunity to gain some insight into the marketing aspect of a small business by assisting with a couple small marketing tasks. These tasks included assisting with a press release and making sales calls. Overall, the internship proved to be beneficial as it allowed me to apply knowledge learned through courses to a real world scenario.