This window contains TWO summaries of internships at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Lutheran Social Services.

Daniel Nguyen (Class of 2008) LSS CCCS works with clients to educate them about their credit. Their mission is to empower people in the community to master their finances by providing services that are designed to help clients take control of their future. My main goal of the internship was to gain a more precise understanding of the credit industry. A deeper knowledge of how credit works is not only beneficial for a post-collegiate career, but it is also practical for real world living. The internship at Lutheran Social Services also educated me on the kinds of resources that are available to the community, and with my interest in nonprofit organizations it engaged me in work that I felt to be important. The main duties of the internship included working with both clients and creditors. Scheduling appointments and answering client questions served as the foundation of the internship. In addition, I was also able to observe counseling sessions that assisted in the understanding of client situations and how counselors carry out the organization’s mission. Updating the client database and tracking information involved working with creditors as well as clients, and managing financial reports also provided more knowledge about the credit industry.

Beth Foster (Class of 2002) The CCCS internship provided me the opportunity to grow as an individual both educationally and personally. With an internship like CCCS, you have the opportunity to gain real-world experience in a number of different aspects of the business world. Each and everyday provides you with more experience and a greater knowledge of the business world. The most valuable skill I gained from this internship was that of grammar. This internship challenged me not only to use my writing skills, but also improve them. Not only is an internship at CCCS a valuable learning experience, but also it allowed me to do so in a real-world setting.