Children's Care Hospital and School
Abby Vandelanotte, Class of 2008

Children’s Care Hospital and School is a private, nonprofit organization that serves children with special needs and their families through healthcare, educational and behavioral services. I worked primarily with Outpatient Services, but was also involved with Marketing at Children’s Care.  The internship experience with Children’s Care Hospital and School was an excellent opportunity and allowed me to accomplish all of the goals I had set for myself.

I worked primarily with organizing and planning the Summer 2008 Wellness Camp for children from area schools. I was able to work closely with the marketing department, which included creating camp fliers and working on press releases. I was able to work on all aspects of the camp project, which included creating a budget, leading meetings with the camp staff, organizing and distributing fliers to area schools, and planning the activities for the camp. I was able to gain a great deal of experience during my internship and was able to work with a variety of individuals and departments. I really enjoyed working with the people at Children’s Care Hospital and School. They are very focused on the mission of their organization and dedicated to the work that they do. I felt I got a very well-rounded and positive experience at my internship. I would highly recommend an internship at Children’s Care Hospital and School to anyone considering a career with a non-profit organization.