Citibank South Dakota
Casey Madsen, Class of _____

During the month of January, I was the Treasury intern at Citibank South Dakota, right here in Sioux Falls. Through the month I learned many things about how money flows through a bank but more specifically a Treasury Department. Through this experience I learned and applied the fundamentals of U.S. dollar and foreign cash account reconciliation. I also observed and learned the fundamentals of securities back office operations and observed the Fed Funds traders as they bought and sold money during the day. I learned the basics of cash management and bank account management, along with the importance of compliance with banking regulations, SEC regulations, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Citibank was a great place to work because, as you can see, you get to be exposed to many different departments and they are all under one roof. Citibank is like a “one stop bank” with all your services in one place.

This internship was a great experience and I would recommend everyone who has an opportunity to get involved in an internship program does so. There is no better way to determine what you want to do with the rest of your life, then trying it out first hand. The Augustana internship program taught me that working for a bank is a career path that I would love to take.