Complete Media
Marques Blank, Class of 2009

The Complete Media internship offers an internship with a marketing emphasis.  Students can choose and create their own goals within the internship program to create a custom learning experience.  During my time at Complete Media I was able to get a hands on experience in different aspects of the business.  One aspect I learned about was implementing a client relationship management program to help keep and retain Complete Media’s clients.  I also learned about the actual production and process of implementing a marketing campaign. Learning about the daily operation of the business, planning a client party, gaining work experience and working with the people at Complete Media were the best part of the internship.  I was fortunate to work with a great team that allowed me to focus on the aspects of the business that appealed to me.  I would strongly recommend an internship with Complete Media for somebody looking to see if the marketing world is a career they would like to pursue.