CorTrust Mortgage
Tyana Viss, Class of 2009

I completed my internship at CorTrust mortgage.  Throughout my internship I was able to participate in essentially the entire process of a mortgage.  From origination to processing to underwriting, and on to servicing, I participated in it all.  At CorTrust they do not sell the mortgages off like many other companies do, so they service the loans from beginning to end.  Throughout my internship I completed many projects that included things like taxes, insurance, title/appraisals, servicing packages, paying bills, escrow analysis, putting together new files, and many more activities.  It was a great experience because not only was it challenging and educational it was a fantastic environment.  It is a small company that has a great team atmosphere.  I definitely learned something new everyday, and it was an exciting time to be working in the field because it was such a busy time.  I learned more about the mortgage industry than I thought was possible through a 120 hour internship, and I am very thankful for the experience that this internship provided me with.  I am now much better equipped to enter the work force after graduation.