Crooks Development Corporation
Corey Hermanson, Class of 2011

Making a difference on the front lines of economic development in the small town of Crooks, South Dakota, provides the business-minded student with a fantastic glimpse of what it takes to bring commerce to a rapidly growing community. Crooks is a small town 7 miles north of Sioux Falls, population approximately 1,500, that has experienced 24% growth since 2000. As the executive assistant for the Crooks Development Corporation, I spent the summer analyzing interest for business and services for the citizens of Crooks. This resulted in comprehensive surveys gauging the public’s interest in a community pool and a grocery store. In addition, much time was put into brainstorming and creating a pre-engineering concept plan for a proposed business development. I also got a glimpse of local government by helping facilitate meetings with local government officials regarding the Minnehaha County Crisis Response Team as part of my work. The internship provided an excellent idea of what it takes to get things done at a local level. Working with a small community is definitely NOT the same as working in corporate America, and different communication and business skills are needed. I highly recommend this internship for anyone thinking of going into economic development or city planning/zoning.