Danforth, Meierhenry & Meierhenry, LLP
Rachel Myers, Class of 2003

Danforth, Meirhenry & Meirhenry, LLP, located in downtown Sioux Falls, provides a well-rounded internship experience in the legal profession. Interns are allowed to witness attorneys’ daily duties while actively participating and assisting in everyday activities. Drafting legal documents, conducting research and meeting with clients are a few of the responsibilities given to interns. Throughout the internship, opportunities are also available for the intern to attend courtroom proceedings, trials and depositions in an attempt to form a more comprehensive understanding about the practices of law in the South Dakota court system.
Danforth, Meirhenry & Meirhenry employs six experienced attorneys who specialize in several areas of law including personal injury, wrongful death, product defect and most other types of civil litigation. This allows the intern to be exposed to varying legal aspects and gain greater knowledge and experience in the field of law. At Danforth, Meirhenry & Meirhenry, an intern can be assured of a memorable learning experience.