Dakota Sioux Casino
Megan LaFromboise, Class of 2003

The human resource management internship completed at Dakota Sioux Casino was a unique experience. Dakota Sioux Casino is a tribally owned and operated gaming facility located in Watertown, South Dakota. The internship was an excellent learning experience. In addition to human resource management, I gained knowledge in gaming operations as well as tribal governments.

The internship atmosphere was very casual and open. I was given access to all information available which was very helpful. The project I was given was to meet with all the department managers to update their job descriptions. I was also given the opportunity to facilitate the new employee orientation, to attend management meetings, to actually participate in conducting an interview, and to help with the new employee process. Dakota Sioux Casino also offered a better understanding of the government to government relations. I was given access to the gaming compacts between the tribe and the state of South Dakota, which gave me a better understanding. The employees were also very helpful in understanding the gaming operations. I had numerous conversations with management.

I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in human resource management. Dakota Sioux Casino made me feel very welcome and I was given a meaningful experience.