This window contains FOUR summaries of Tax and Audit internships at Eide Bailly.

Jessica Sik (Class of 2010) I fulfilled my internship requirement by interning in the tax department at Eide Bailly, LLP. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone majoring in accounting or thinking about a career in public accounting. This was a great experience for me because of the amount of responsibility they gave me. They were also extremely flexible with my school schedule and allowed me to come and go as it worked with my classes. At Eide Bailly, I felt like every other employee and was never treated as “just the intern.” This was not only educationally beneficial but also gave me a great understanding of the public accounting field.

Jonna Brost (Class of 2010) My internship at EideBailly was invaluable. Although I technically was working in the tax department, EideBailly gave me the opportunity to help with a few audits so I received experience in both fields. I learned tax laws and audit theories that I wasn’t even previously aware of and worked hard but never felt overwhelmed while trying to balance my school and work schedules. I was treated like any other new hire and given my own projects and deadlines. They were incredibly flexible, however, and as long as I got quality work done, gave me full responsibility to choose my own hours. An internship at a well-known public accounting firm like EideBailly was the perfect cap to my Augustana education.

Anne Mantz (Class of 2008) My internship experience was everything I could have hoped for and more. I look back on my time spent at Eide Bailly and I am amazed with what I learned and accomplished. Everyone is really great and the culture of people really made the experience worthwhile. I really loved the laid-back attitudes mixed with hard workers. I learned so much and was taught by the best people. We also had special buddies that we were assigned that assisted us through all the steps in the internship process. I also loved that the company worked with my schedule. I had a key to the building and was able to come in later than business hours to get extra work done and also was given a laptop that I could take home and work on. I would strongly recommend an internship at Eide Bailly.

Jeremy Aylward (Class of 2007) EideBailly was the perfect fit for me as an intern because they were very flexible and understanding when it came to class schedules and events as the firm is very committed to flexible work arrangements, work/life balance, and overall career progression. I was also treated just like every other employee and not “just” and intern as they gave me an immense amount of responsibility and expected me to perform to the best of my abilities. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the accounting and auditing fields through Eide Bailly’s in-depth training and guidance, challenging on- the-job opportunities, and the opportunity to work with an array of clients. I was truly able to grow both in a career sense and an individual sense through the internship experience. I thank Eide Bailly for the support and opportunity which allowed me to be successful as well as Augustana College for its part in the wonderful experience.