Farley's and Sathers
Jason Johnson, Class of 2010

Farley’s and Sathers is a candy company headquartered in Round Lake, MN. It is a private, marketing driven business that produced more than $600 million in sales during the 2008 fiscal year. Farley’s and Sathers owns multiple brands, including Brach’s, Bobs, Super Bubble, Now & Later, Fruit Stripe and Trolli, and has five locations in the U.S. and two in Mexico. My internship began with the tour of the office and warehouse. I had the opportunity to meet with each of the marketing managers for an hour each, along with a representative from each department for the same amount of time. Work was done with all of the marketing managers at the corporate office, who are split into an Everyday item team and a Seasonal item team. I had the opportunity to work on new product development, consumer research, item maintenance, item changes, SKU rationalization, and was involved in many taste tests! I was also included in a new product launch (Sassy Tarts). This is an excellent experience for anyone interested in marketing or general business and I highly recommend it.