The Good Samaritan Society is an organization that provides shelter and other supportive services to elders and others in need. The Good Samaritan Society’s goal for serving each resident or client is captured by its motto, "In Christ's Love, Everyone Is Someone."

Trisha Reiner (Class of 2003) I completed my 160-hour unpaid internship at Good Samaritan Society in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I worked in the communications and marketing departments at their central office. During the course of my internship, I worked on various projects for the department such as putting a resource packet together for the neighborhood project, brochures for facilities, and print ads for facilities. I got to work with different facility administrators and people from different departments of the company. This internship is set in a Christian environment with a friendly and easygoing work environment. Devotions are held each day at the option of the employees to attend. This internship is great for developing marketing skills, learning more about the long-term health care field, and experiencing a great work environment. There are great opportunities for future employment within the company.