Habitat for Humanity-ReStore
Jesse B. Vavreck, Class of 2008

Overall, my internship at Habitat for Humanity-ReStore was successful and was a good leaning experience. I learned about the basic management functions and other business operations in a non-profit organization. The work environment allowed for learning a variety of tasks in all sectors of the business including management, finance, budgeting, marketing, and soliciting donations and volunteers. All of these tasks, along with the smaller size of the company, helped to make this a more personal and meaningful experience.

I would recommend this type of internship to anyone who is looking for a management position, preferably within a non-profit organization. I would add that it is important to lay out overall goals and objectives that are more specific with the site manager before beginning the internship so there is a better understanding of what is expected. In any regard, better communication in general benefits all parties involved.