Highland Manufacturing Inc.
Seth DeGroot, Class of 2007

The internship experience with Highland Manufacturing was an excellent opportunity. It equips the ability to take acquired skills into the workforce and compete in the business world. The expertise of the staff coupled with the autonomy given creates a superb learning environment. The internship provides an opportunity to be in a professional work environment, work with business professionals, and have experiences unparalleled in the classroom. As a business administration intern, I was able to find myself in front of many of the prominent businessmen and women. The internship performed was in the role of a purchasing associate. The goal of the internship was to understand the workings of the business world. Specific assignments were to the purchasing department. The internship consisted of accounting and inventory tasks, purchasing materials, and research. I would strongly recommend a business administration internship. It provides the tools necessary to embark on a career in the business world. Communication and the ability to be proficient with Microsoft Office are necessary skills for this internship. Through hard work, persistence, dedication, and a willing and able attitude, an internship at Highland Manufacturing proves to be an exceptional experience.