This window contains FOUR summaries of internships at Lawrence & Schiller

Eric Simmons (Class of 2006) My internship experience with Lawrence & Schiller was eye-opening. I was fortunate enough to be placed within a team that encouraged hard work and responsibility, but still maintained a fun atmosphere that I could grow in. Through my internship I was able to gain insight into a world of advertising that is unmatched in the region and learn the ins and outs of a modern business setting. I was able to witness and participate in the advertising process. This included assisting on a commercial shoot, helping with media scheduling and molding a client's brand image. I was very fortunate to intern with a company that has such great clients and high expectations. I would recommend this internship and any other business internship as a way to capture the world of business. By being open to learning the medium, interns can flourish with their future careers.

Jessica Klein (Class of 2005) I highly recommend an internship at Lawrence & Schiller for anyone who wants to gain incredible knowledge about the marketing and advertising industry. I was able to gain experience firsthand the different dimensions of the industry by working with professionals in such areas as creative, account services and media. My internship experience at Lawrence & Schiller also helped me determine what direction I wanted to take in my career path and specific areas within the industry I would most likely excel.

Micah Aberson (Class of 2004) The internship experience with Lawrence and Schiller is an excellent opportunity. It equips the ability to take acquired skills into the workforce and compete in any advertising agency. The expertise of the staff coupled with the autonomy given creates a superb learning environment. The internship provides an opportunity to be in a professional work environment, work with market leaders, and have experiences unparalleled in the classroom. As an account services intern, I was able to find myself in front of many of the prominent businessmen and women in the Sioux Falls area. The internship provides an incredible resource for networking in the business community. The internship performed was in the role of an account associate. The goal of the internship was to understand the workings of an ad agency. Specific assignments was to the account services department, which maintains client relationship and seeks new business. The internship consisted of agency and client meetings, crafting marketing plans, research, creative, and most importantly, maintaining client contacts and relationships. I would strongly recommend an internship at Lawrence and Schiller. It provides the tools necessary to embark on a marketing career in house or with an agency. Tenacity and a willingness to dig into the trenches are musts for a successful intern at Lawrence and Schiller. Through hard work, persistence, dedication, and a willing and able attitude, an internship at Lawrence and Schiller proves to be an exceptional experience.

James Krueger (Class of 2004) While interning for L&S, I was directly supervised by the Vice President of Creative, John Pohlman. Under his direction, my internship evolved into a company-wide experience. Initially, I was to work for account services, completing tasks and researching for their clients. However, other areas of the company were overloaded with projects at the time. I began completing tasks for all areas of the company, including media, creative/copy, art, broadcast, interactive, teleservices, and account services. Working for different areas of the company allowed me to get an overall perspective on how an advertising agency works. As a result, my internship experience could not have gone better. Interning at Lawrence and Schiller was an invaluable experience. All Augustana students should take part in the internship program, no matter what they are studying. There will always be a willing organization within your degree that is open to the internship program. The experiences you will have will leave a lasting impression for the rest of your career.