This window contains FOUR summaries of internships at Main Street Sioux Falls

Amber Scott (Class of 2005) My internship experience with Main Street Sioux Falls was very helpful in maintaining a better understanding of the workings of a non-profit organization. I experienced and helped with the details that go into planning events downtown. I learned how vital communication is, and how important it is for the downtown businesses to be involved with one another. This internship gave me a well-rounded experience of many business-related areas.

Melissa Detloff (Class of 2004) Interning at Main Street Sioux Falls, Inc. allowed me the amazing opportunity to work in the non-profit, public/private sector of marketing and event planning. Being a small corporation, I was able to work closely with fellow employees to organize downtown meetings and events, and also to publicize downtown happenings through all areas of media. Not only did I develop strong relationships with those I worked with but also with many in the downtown community. An added bonus was also gaining insight into parliamentary procedure by attending different board and committee meetings. I was also able to see how a corporation operates based on committees. Main Street Sioux Falls, Inc. reinforced my academic knowledge with real-world experience.

Amanda Evenson (Class of 2004) Internships at Main Street Sioux Falls, Inc. are outstanding learning opportunities. Executive Director, Joe Bartmann (site supervisor), takes pride in the internship program offered by this not-for-profit organization. Bartmann, a former Main Street intern, recognizes the importance of internships to the educational experience and provides students a chance to acquire knowledge through hands-on learning. The Main Street staff offers support while allowing students to accomplish appointed tasks independently. Scholars are encouraged to attend monthly board and committee meeting presenting an opportunity to be further submerged in the purpose and function this establishment while networking concurrently. Main Street is an organization devoted to promoting Downtown Sioux Falls, making it an exciting place for the community to live, work, shop, and play. Incorporated into promotion are events hosted downtown, which students are allowed to participate and assist in planning and executing. Main Street was an excellent educational experience, and I would strongly recommend an internship with this organization to further your understanding and allow application of knowledge obtained in the classroom.

Amy Heimer (Class of 2003) My internship experience with Main Street Sioux Falls, Inc. was extraordinary! This non-profit business serves as the organization for promoting the downtown area. Main Street is mostly recognized for the festivals and events that it hosts, such as Hot Summer Nites, Sidewalk Art Festival, Downtown Crazy Days, and Parade of Lights. During my time with Main Street, I participated in a strategic marketing group that worked on the launching of a new marketing campaign, served as project leader for the planning and coordination of the annual meeting, and created a small committee between restaurant owners just to name a few. By completing my internship in such a small organization, My experience was very diverse. I was able to participate in several of the projects that were going on in the office nad was not forced to concentrate on only one function of the organization. I would encourage anyone interested in marketing, public relations, or any other business related field to consider an internship with Main Street Sioux Falls, Inc. The internship philosophy that the organization holds is like no other; they don’t expect you to do all fo the dirty work, but instead give you the opportunity to lead, support, and coordinate several projects that are the responsibility of the staff. With much anticipation, I will be working with Main Street throughout the summer. I have already begun to serve as project leader for Hot Summer Nites and am very excited to remain with the organization throughout the busiest time of their year.