Marshall Fields
Juli Moeller, Class of 2001

The internship experience at Marshall Field’s allows one to learn about a retail environment by actively working with all areas of the department store setting. The focus of the internship is on guest service and there is ample amount of time spent working with a selling manager to become familiar with the job and skills required to work in that position. Some of the tasks that can be expected of an intern involve working with the merchandise, working on the selling floor, daily managerial work and becoming familiar with human resources, asset protection and the service center. There is one guest service project that the intern is expected to complete in allegiance with the supervising selling manager. The knowledge and experiences that one gets from this internship is extremely valuable to anyone who has every thought about working in a retail store or business. This internship allows for the intern to feel valued and given a chance to succeed at doing many different tasks that will build personal skills.