This window contains THREE summaries of internships at McGladrey & Pullen, LLP

Evan Kulesa (Class of 2008) My internship was completed at McGladrey & Pullen in Sioux Falls.  Through the internship I was able to learn about and experience life as a public accountant, things that could not be replicated in a classroom.  I was an audit intern and was able to perform a variety of attest services from smaller in-office reviews to large off-site audits.  Every experience provided me with a chance to learn not only about the profession, but to learn more about myself and how I fit into a public accounting career.  I would definitely recommend an internship experience such as this to anyone interested in a career in public accounting.  I truly did not know what public accounting was like until I experienced it first hand through this internship.

Corey Fishel (Class of 2006) My internship experience at McGladrey & Pullen in Sioux Falls provided me with a great learning experience. I gained personal knowledge and insight that could not be obtained in the classroom. I was an audit intern and performed various tasks throughout the organization and also had client interaction outside the office. McGladrey was excellent at working with my class schedule and worked with me to develop a schedule that suited my needs. I was assigned to various audits in Sioux Falls and also performed work in the office. It gave me real world experience and allowed me to contribute to the success of the company. I would recommend an internship with McGladrey to anyone interested in public accounting.