This window contains TWELVE summaries of internships at Merrill Lynch

Eric Ellingworth (Class of 2009) The internship at Merrill Lynch is an experience like no other. The knowledge I obtained through my six weeks at Merrill Lynch truly cannot be emulated in another setting. Merrill Lynch employs some of the best Financial Advisors in the industry, and through simple observation, an intern can learn a great deal about investments and properly servicing clients. Over time, the Financial Advisors will even allow the intern to assist in various projects and tasks. Basic tasks I performed include maintaining client accounts, constructing official Merrill Lynch brochures, sitting in on meetings with mutual fund representatives, and assisting with day-to-day activities. An internship at Merrill Lynch allows students to build strong, close relationships with many successful professionals in the financial services industry. I was able to interview each Financial Advisor in the office to learn about their career paths and take in any advice they had to offer me on my eventual journey into a career upon graduation. These interviews were perhaps the most beneficial and rewarding experience during my time at Merrill Lynch.

Tom Hill (Class of 2009) The internship at Merrill Lynch offers students an opportunity to work in the office setting of a global wealth management institution with experience and personable financial advisors and client associates. By conversing with employees, working on projects, attending meetings, and simply observing day-to-day activities, the intern gains valuable knowledge about the financial industry. Also, the intern is able to focus on specific goals he or she wishes to attain during the internship and Merrill Lynch employees will do their best to help that individual reach the desired goals. I am grateful for my opportunity to intern at Merrill Lynch. I have made valuable connections and it has been a great learning experience.

Daniel Morrison (Class of 2009) An internship at Merrill Lynch is an excellent experience that can open many doors for a business student. The professional work environment and exposure to investing are just a couple of examples of why the program is so outstanding. At Merrill Lynch an intern can expect to observe Financial Advisors and Client Associates provide world class service to their clients, and gradually is asked to assist them in doing so. Activities that included sitting in on meetings, client account maintenance, and marketing assignments all added to the appreciation of the internship experience. Being able to sit down and speak with each of the Financial Advisors about careers is an important and rewarding part of the internship. Each one had a different path and offered valuable advice on how to become successful. In terms of benefitting from this internship, the skills gained while working can only be matched by how impressive the Merrill Lynch name looks on a resume. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Merrill Lynch intern and would strongly recommend any ambitious business student to pursue the experience as well.

Lauren Koller (Class of 2011) My Merrill Lynch internship was a great experience. It challenged me personally and professionally and gave me a chance to put my Augustana education to work. I learned through training, interviews with financial advisors, and a wide variety of projects. I particularly enjoyed learning how stock ratings and recommendations are managed and seeing the wide variety of marketing approaches they utilize. Overall, it was a rewarding experience. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in a financial career.

Andrew Keel (Class of 2010) During my time at Merrill Lynch I learned several skills every business major should know: networking, customer relationship management, and sales generation. There are some of the most important aspects of financial advising and I was able to observe and participate in them each day.

Tyler Schulte (Class of 2010) The internship at Merrill Lynch was an excellent experience for me.  It not only gave me the opportunity to work in a professional environment among some of the community’s top financial advisors, but it allowed me to meet and interact with truly quality people.  I found the internship very rewarding and informative.  I saw, heard, read, and witnessed the many different reasons why Merrill Lynch is as notable around the country as it is.  The people I got to sit down and speak with gave me all that I could ask for when I first signed on to complete the internship.  They told me their many different paths they took to get where they are today, why they are as productive as they are, and what separates them from other companies. During my time at Merrill Lynch I saw firsthand the day-to-day operations of a top notch financial advising company.  I got to witness the interactions between the clients and employees, see how hard the Merrill Lynch employees work when their clients are not around, and also the service employees provide to each and every customer.  Along with interviewing every financial advisor and client associate at Merrill Lynch, I experienced many aspects of the work the advisors do.  I participated in activities from wholesaler meetings, to client conversations, and even was involved with client accounts.  I walked away with a better grasp of this area of business.  To anyone contemplating a degree in business, I strongly suggest thinking of completing an internship at Merrill Lynch.

Jeff Christenson (Class of 2010) The Merrill Lynch student internship is a unique experience which enables students to get a firsthand example of a professional business atmosphere while learning the value of a strong work ethic.  During my internship with Merrill Lynch I was able to listen to many financial associates’ stories and gain knowledge on how to have a successful and rewarding career.  I was able to interview these associates, attend meetings with mutual fund wholesalers, and get a hands-on experience of working in a professional financial firm. The advice I received from the Merrill Lynch team will be useful for me in the future on the basis of finding a job that fits my skill sets and motivating me to have a successful career.

Erika Cole (Class of 2008) The Merrill Lynch internship offers business students valuable experience and knowledge through hands n exposure to the finance world.  During my time with Merrill Lynch I was able to get to know the financial advisors of the office, attend meetings with mutual fund wholesalers, and perform account opening and maintenance tasks for clients.  Each of these elements allowed for priceless learning outside of the classroom. The opportunities to listen, observe, and interact with the employees of Merrill Lynch were the best part of the internship.  The people I worked with showed a genuine interest in me and my time as an intern.  They went out of their way to assist me in making my internship the best it could possibly be.  I had a wonderful experience as a Merrill Lynch intern and I would strongly recommend the internship to any business student.

Brad Westphal (Class of 2007) The Merrill Lynch internship offers an incredible opportunity to grow as a business student. There are several things about the ML internship that were exciting and rewarding for me. The internship gave me a chance to better grasp the financial world, be a representative at a local farm show, and create a financial solutions package for a simulated client. Overall, the internship was a wonderful experience. The people at Merrill Lynch are the best part about it. They are so genuine and caring, and it was very fun getting to know each of them on a personal basis. I would strongly recommend this internship for anyone, as I feel there is none better.

Brian Nordby (Class of 2006) My experience at the Merrill Lynch office in Sioux Falls was memorable to say the least. There are a dozen fabulous brokers ready to share their wealth of knowledge with students who are willing to work hard and show initiative. Merrill Lynch is an excellent environment for any student who wants to learn about the brokerage game.

Dustin Haber (Class of 2004) This fall I completed a semester long internship at Merrill Lynch in Sioux Falls. This 4 credit internship was completed over a series of 4 months. Although it had its ups and downs, it was a remarkable experience. This internship had me doing everyday office tasks; copying, faxing, and answering telephones, along with more specialized tasks; spreadsheets, client documents, and business letters. I was allowed to develop a spreadsheet with everything from client name to asset value. This particular spreadsheet was done for over 250 clients. I sent a number of client surveys, allowing me to track the returns and comments. This return survey allowed me to develop some ideas and changes that Merrill Lynch in Sioux Falls can implement to better service their customers. In all, the internship was a truly remarkable experience, and I would recommend it to everyone. The Merrill Lynch internship is a relaxed, fun environment with knowledgeable and friendly people. I would strongly consider this internship to anyone interested in the investment line of work.

Brytten Hoefs (Class of 2002) My internship at Merrill Lynch in Sioux Falls, SD gave me a great understanding of the brokerage industry and was extremely worthwhile! My primary duties included creating spreadsheets, databases, and working on projects assigned by Financial Advisors. I also performed stock research and called companies. Other duties consisted of answering phones, filing, and various clerical duties. The staff at Merrill Lynch provided much insight into the financial industry and was fun to work with. If you are interested in the brokerage business, this internship will give you an excellent experience and overview of the business.