New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and ITECH Services
Cory Ranschau, Class of 2003

My internship with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and ITECH Services of Sioux Falls was a very educational experience. I gained a vast amount of knowledge in many different areas of these businesses and enjoyed every minute of it. My site supervisors were incredibly flexible and easy to get along with and were willing to help out at any step of the way. I learned through experience what it takes to be successful as a computer consultant and also what it means to be a salesman. Being a consultant requires a wide array of skills and abilities that I had never expected, and I was able to shadow a very successful consultant while at this internship. While putting in time with New Horizons, I was also able to obtain several technical certifications for free. This was just another added benefit to this internship and was a very kind gesture. Overall, I learned a great deal and enjoyed working with all the friendly employees of both businesses.